How to install Bob Unleashed add-on (Bob Kodi add-on)

Welcome to the new Bob Kodi add-on. What was previously coined Bob Unrestricted is now called Bob unleashed. The old Bob add-on will no longer have updates or work as you would expect. Bob unrestricted will not have a maintenance team anymore because of the new Bob unleashed. So, be sure to download Bob unleashed to replace Bob unrestricted. As a disclaimer for avid Bob Kodi add- on users, there have been some issues related to the menus and temperament of the add-on. These issues have been accredited to the…

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How To Install Kodi On Smart TV (XBMC, LG, SAMSUNG)

With the onset of the internet and internet of things, there is no foreseeable limit to the amount of entertainment available online. With this almost limitless amount of content online, there are applications such as Kodi available for those who wish to stream web content. Kodi open source software is user-friendly and versatile allowing its usage not only on android smartphones but also on smart TVs. Kodi on smart TV brings the world of entertainment directly to your home with limited technical abilities required. This means that as long as…

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Kodi IPTV : Top 10 Kodi Addons For Live TV Streaming

kodi iptv

T.V. STREAMING: KODI ADD-ONS, 2017. There is no limit to the advantages that the Internet has brought forth over the past decade or more. Perhaps the most enjoyable and appreciated is the use of the web for entertainment. IPTV (internet protocol television) allows individuals to utilize their internet connections to stream shows, be they recorded or live!! It brings entertainment to a whole new level, with a few minor requirements necessary to ensure user satisfaction. IPTV requires a secure and reliable internet connection otherwise watching live television would be a…

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How to Install Genesis on Kodi – Genesis Reborn Addon

genesis reborn

Live TV streaming is not just an idea anymore; it’s become a way of life. Much like the ubiquitous smartphone, watching live shows on your television or PC is slowly but surely becoming the norm. That being said, with so many applications and software out there, one is overwhelmed with information and devices. This creates a need for relevant information, especially when it comes to electronics which may sometimes prove too technical. With Kodi live TV the user is spoilt for choice. There are numerous add-ons available to consumers, some…

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How To Install Kodi On Apple TV 4th, 3rd, 2nd Gen

kodi on apple tv

Installing Kodi should not be a challenge, although it seems to present some compatibility issues even for those who’re technologically savvy. This means that users with great equipment, in this case apple products, have a little more work to do before they can fully enjoy what Kodi has to offer. Before we proceed, there are a few terminologies that we should make a bit clearer, even for the layman (not technologically savvy). Let’s highlight a few important words/jargon that may be used here and in other sites to assist you…

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How To Install Kodi on Roku – Jailbreak & Alternatives

kodi on roku

The world of online entertainment knows no boundaries. Very few can honestly say they have never used a smartphone when surfing the web looking to watch a movie, game or play a video game. Nonetheless, there is not enough known about streaming videos on mobile devices or one’s television. Kodi, which was at one time known as XBMC, is an application running primarily on the following operating systems: Android, Mac OS, Windows as well as Ubuntu and Linux. This compatibility with a vast array of devices makes it user friendly…

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KODI 17.4 Buffering Issues: Updated Solutions SEPTEMBER 2017

kodi 17.4 buffering

There is no greater satisfaction than having fast, efficient and effective internet at the touch of a button. It is even more imperative to have a dedicated and dependable internet connection when attempting to watch movies, series and especially live shows and games. Kodi is becoming an every-day favorite among movie streamers. However, the issue of hanging internet connections and buffering annoyances is a subject of a lot of scrutiny and frustrations. The overarching question is and always has been whether or not it’s a compatibility issue, a problem with…

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