How To Install Kodi on Roku – Jailbreak & Alternatives

kodi on roku

The world of online entertainment knows no boundaries. Very few can honestly say they have never used a smartphone when surfing the web looking to watch a movie, game or play a video game. Nonetheless, there is not enough known about streaming videos on mobile devices or one’s television.

Kodi, which was at one time known as XBMC, is an application running primarily on the following operating systems: Android, Mac OS, Windows as well as Ubuntu and Linux. This compatibility with a vast array of devices makes it user friendly for most consumers, with a few challenges here and there when it comes to add-ons.

Set-top boxes stream a variety of content in different configurations and on varying devices. One of these boxes is Roku. This box is used via internet connectivity, either wirelessly or on a wired connection. It can be used to stream movies, television series and music.



Roku’s most-up-to date box utilizes and supports 4k video streaming. This is streaming of very high quality and with a television with the same specifications you would not lose on quality. Kodi works on certain platforms and operating systems only like Windows, Mac OS X and therefore, using it on a system where the system is not compatible gives no content or very poor quality if any at all. This guide is about Kodi on Roku

Install Kodi on Roku (Is it possible?)

As mentioned above, Kodi only works within specific operating systems, namely; Windows, Mac OS X Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi and Linux. Because Roku is not supported on these operating systems, you cannot install or use Kodi on Roku.

That being said, it is possible to stream Kodi content onto Roku. To understand why you cannot install Kodi on Roku, please read the text below:

In computer programming, there is what is termed C++ applications. These applications or forms of programming make up the codes or the workings, of any and most applications. With Roku, such programming is not allowed

Remember when we mentioned earlier in this text the operating systems used by Kodi? Well, those operating systems are not supported by Roku; there are incompatibility issues.

So, how then do we use Kodi on Roku? What is the point of this article? Why are we here if you cannot install Kodi on Roku? The answers will be forthcoming after we show you how you can in fact stream content from Kodi on Roku.


Just to clarify; Kodi is compatible with most Android and windows running devices. A feature knows as casting or mirroring is available on most mobile devices. This allows you to cast your content onto your television.

The point here is that since Kodi cannot be installed on Roku, due to compatibility issues. You can use your mobile device, for example, your back up (old) Android running device, e.g. a tablet or smartphone, to run Kodi, then stream the content or cast it to your television screen.

Once you cast your content you can experience big screen viewing like you always wanted. This cast feature is only available on Roku 3 (Roku 3Kodi.


First off, anyone using Kodi should look into installing Genesis Kodi

Because Kodi is an open source program, we can make changes to it without too much technical work. Kodi allows many useful add-ons and this is what makes it so popular. With Kodi, you can stream YouTube videos and get access to plenty of content on free sites. There are also huge amounts of videos and with an add-on such as Exodus many Kodi users will enjoy using Kodi on Roku.  This article will show you how to get Kodi on Roku.


Because Kodi uses a certain type of software, which is not compatible with Roku, this is the reason why you cannot install Kodi on Roku. All Roku models use the application C++ as mentioned earlier in the article. Until Roku developers change their codes, we cannot install Kodi on Roku.


This is where we introduce streaming Kodi on Roku top boxes. If you are still in possession of your old Android phone or tablet, this is the best opportunity to use it. You can easily set up your old device to stream content onto your television, using USB to HDMI cable or you can use the CAST feature and mirror your content onto your television.


Most set top boxes have manufacture configurations which limit or restrict the content that can be downloaded onto them. You cannot jailbreak a Roku stick. There are plenty of searches and articles regarding this topic but the truth is you cannot jailbreak it. Roku is not operating under an Android OS; therefore, you cannot jailbreak it or remove manufacturer placed restrictions.

But it doesn’t end there. If you still want to use Kodi on Roku you can stream your videos or movies using your Android device. Using the cast feature, your tablet or smartphone will do most of the work.

Roku devices are awesome and are favourites among many because they also offer a variety of content options. Amazon Tv, Netflix and Hulu are but a few of the sites that can be accessed using Roku. Access to pay sites like Google Movies as well as music content is all available, at a reasonable fee.


Roku is an awesome streaming box offering a variety of choices for movies, series and live television. Torrents, which are widely known as illegal streaming, are not allowed on Roku. Therefore, it is not a good idea to attempt to install Kodi on Roku because Roku does not permit streaming of any illegal content.

We remind our readers to always stream content using a safe and secure VPN.

Roku content is always legal therefore you need not worry about fines based on streaming illegal content. Pirated copies are not authorized as Roku content.


While Roku devices are not compatible with Kodi, they do have an immense amount of content available seeing as they stream this content from the internet. Remember that Roku devices offer legally available content, without the shortcomings and infringement violations that come when using some Kodi add-ons.


Yes, that’s right, free access. One of the benefits of using Roku is that you can access content that is freely available to the public, without any legal implications. Some of these include History as well as FOX channels. As part of the package, Roku has free access to YOUTUBE channels, as well as offering the provision of 4k televisions.

It is abundantly clear that many users of Kodi have become attached to the application in more ways than one. This attachment means that some users find it hard to switch to other brands, or to use different boxes that do in fact have easy connectivity and compatibility with Kodi.

There are alternatives to Kodi, some that use Roku primarily and would be a great alternative in the pursuit of great entertainment for the entire family.

The easiest method to stream using Kodi is to mirror your device with your television. This is usually done using a USB and HDMI cable connection.


This application offers less flexibility when compared to Kodi. It is also a pay-for use application, streaming only legal content therefore, it will not be possible to source torrents (illegal streaming from peers) and other content online, without legal permission.

Plex offers its users a great platform for multi-channel connectivity. You can install it and use it on many different devices within your home. For example, you can set up your server e.g. your laptop or PC and then connect devices you have available to you.

These devices are your smartphone, your iPad or other tablets. You can link them with your television. You can then connect all these devices to your streaming device, which in this case is Roku.

This application is fully compatible with Roku set top boxes, but it doesn’t offer the vast choices that are available on Kodi. The alternative truly is to simply mirror what you wish to stream, through your Roku device and onto your television.

For those who are adamant in using Kodi to stream their content, you can use other platforms like NVidia Shield or Amazon’s Fire-stick. These are compatible with Kodi if one still feels they need to stream using Kodi to their devices.



Kodi is an open source application which means it is easy to manipulate. It also means that if you are technically savvy, you will then find it easier to make add-ons for Kodi or to customize Kodi to your liking.

The fact that Kodi is easily customizable makes it a favourite for anyone looking to stream pirated content. This is what makes Kodi so popular and also why it is not compatible with Roku.

Of course, the major advantage of using Kodi is the ease with which you can enjoy streaming content, as long as you have a PC, Amazon TV, HTPC and other compatible hardware.

Plex is proven to have a better UI than Kodi, meaning, even though you have a lot of content available to you on Kodi, it is not as seamless or easy to use as other programs.


Plex is a sister product of Kodi. The codes used to develop Plex are very similar to those used for Kodi. A few of the codes used to develop Kodi were initially used on XBMC (2008). This is a previous version of Kodi.

Plex is not open source software. It does not support illegal streaming of any kind, for example torrents and the like. Therefore, the developers have a lot of authority over their product; Plex.

What you need to do is set up a server using your computer, streaming content using devices like Roku and watching this content on your smartphone, smart tv or tablet.

One great feature of Plex is that you can use it on different devices and utilizing a cloud server, you can watch your shows from any location on the planet, as long as internet is available.



Using a feature known as mirroring, we will show you how to use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to connect toKodi and permit streaming of that content, to equipment such as a smart television or PC. Roku’s latest box streams high quality 4k content. If you have a 4k piece of equipment available to you, this box, coupled with Kodi’s vast array of content available at the touch of a finger, will ensure you the best online entertainment possible.

Let’s get started!!


Ensure that your Android device is connected wirelessly, on the same network as your Roku box.

  • To begin, activate the screen mirroring option on your Roku device. Simply navigate to your settings page/ icon on the Roku device.
  • Once you’ve found the screen mirroring option, enable it.
  • Do NOT to turn off your Roku device. Leave it ON or on
  • Incidentally, make sure your Roku device is up to date. To do that, visit the same settings page, open system updates and make sure it’s running the latest there is- if it gives you the option of updating, clearly, there is a newer version. GO AHEAD AND UPDATE IT

There is usually an option to play-on-roku. This mode can only be used to set up moving pictures or slide shows, as well as to play music and other content that is already saved on your device. It does not work with streaming of internet content and definitely won’t work with Kodi.



Using your android device to mirror Kodi content via Roku is the only way to stream content using Kodi. This method is easy to configure and can be done on Android devices and a few others.

For your Android device, navigate to settings.

  • Once your settings option, open up your display options (under the settings menu)
  • With most Android devices, the option is known as This option to cast content from your Android device to your television is what we need to activate, in order for us to stream movies and other content, on the television.
  • When you have enabled mirroring on your set top box (Roku), this name will be displayed on your Android device as one of the optional devices, to link your Android device with, using
  • Once you select Roku as the device you want to mirror, it will be displayed on your television, through the wireless connection that Roku has with it.


You can now stream all of your favourite content from your Android device, through Roku and onto your television.

  • (there is an alternative terminology or jargon that is used to describe device mirroring. This is            more common on android devices. These terms include:


 Quick- Connect

Allshare cast

 Wireless display

 Mirrored display or Display mirrored


  Screen casting”


We wouldn’t forget windows users; not a chance. Connectivity and streaming will be as efficient as it was with Android, providing the same level of quality and of course, quantity, that Kodi users are used to.

Just like with Android and Roku system updates, Roku needs to be linked to a Windows OS that is of version 8.1 or newer.

We will give steps on how to link Roku with Windows 10!

There are two (possible) ways of mirroring in windows 10. The first involves accessing your settings page.

  • Simply proceed to settings which you can access from your start menu
  • Find the option for devices. Under this, there is a second menu. Locate connected devices
  • After selecting connected devices, click on the option to add a device.
  • At this point, your windows device will search for Roku
  • When it’s enabled, what is shown on your laptop will now appear on your television screen
  • You can now open Kodi and access Roku to stream your movies or music.

As we mentioned earlier, there is more than one way to connect to Roku using Windows 10.

If you happen to be running an updated version, simply locate the notifications tab, which is usually located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Once you locate this tab (notifications), open it and tap the connect option

Go ahead and connect your windows device to Roku and onto your television

You can now enjoy Kodi via Roku, using a device working under a Windows operating system.


Alternatives to Kodi on Roku

There is great possibility that if you’re reading this, you’re a Roku device user. Correct? And if so, there is even a greater possibility that you are having problems or rather, that you would prefer an option to install new software rather than have to purchase a new box that would serve the needs or technical requirements of your Kodi application.

That being said, if you’re using a Roku streaming box, there are a few alternatives that may come in handy, that would involve simple installation procedures.

These procedures would not require purchasing of a new box or hardware, just installing of new software and you’re good to go.


It’s important to mention that not all Roku devices can host your Kodi content. Older Roku models will be able to accommodate any CASTING from your devices. These generations of Roku include Roku Express, Roku Express+ and Roku 1. There are, however, plenty of Roku models that allow mirroring and are also compatible with Kodi. These are listed below, much to the delight of our KODI fans and users. These are listed below.

  • Roku’s Streaming Stick
  • Roku’s model Two, Three and Four.
  • Roku Premier as well as Premier +
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku T.V

To highlight on a few of these devices, we will also point out the features that some of them carry and of course how these will better your viewing experience.

Roku Premier

Roku premier offers 4k quality entertainment. If and only if one has a 4k television should they purchase this system, otherwise it may be money that wasn’t spent too well.
Roku Premier supports the best Kodi add-ons like Exodus. This usually hosts high quality movies and of course, the option to mirror your content is available. This is a great addition to your home entertainment, together with Kodi and with a 4k enabled television. NOTE: it doesn’t permit streaming or mirroring via laptops and desktop PCs.

Roku Ultra

This Device is more expensive than the Premier version. It also has some added features that will prove handy for certain viewers. This package offers a form of private and discreet listening environment, whereby the user can stream or mirror to their television, without using the Home Theatre speaker system.

Roku’s Streaming stick

Stick is not a streaming box and therefore it is relatively more affordable than the other (Roku) devices mentioned. This is a simple, every day USB stick that one will plug and plug-unless it requires specific configuration.

It is the best alternative for space-saving consumers, who also want to save on money. This stick does not host 4k movies therefore having a 4k television would be of no use if you were to purchase this stick.

However, most people looking to save some money buy a USB stick rather than a box. This is because you are probably indifferent about whether the quality is 4k or 1080, right?